German name for clean water is wrong in my opinion

Hello there, me again.

I translated some stuff to german, and i found the name for “clean water” wrong.
The current translation is “Klares Wasser” what means to me that the water is “clear”. Like theres nothing floating in it.
I think “Sauberes Wasser” would fit better, because water must not be clear, but safe to drink.
Clear water with nothing floating in it can still be very unsafe to drink!

Problem is, i cant change the name in Transifex, i guess because the term “Klares Wasser” is reviewed.

What are your thoughts about it?

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While I agree with you that clear does not have to mean clean, it also seems a bit off to call it “Sauberes Wasser”.
While the translation would be correct in itself, “Ich geh’ mal eben in’n Aldi und hol’ sauberes Wasser.” just reads weird.

I guess the term “Klares Wasser” was used with spring water in mind (where this term often finds its use), which usually is clear and probably safe to drink.

How about “Trinkwasser”, “drinking water”?

Yeah, looks like once reviewed it can’t be changed anymore by normal translaters - only users with reviewer status or higher are able to change them;

“Trinkwasser” (drinking water) would be nice!
Maybe someone with more rights at Transifex reads this threat and is the same opinion… :smiley:

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Hello everyone,

If I may, I would say “Klarwasser” is, objectively speaking, wrong. A Wasser can be klar (clear) without being trinkbar (potable).

As in, “I went to the woods and beheld a fountain of clear water.” As opposed to a fountain of muddy, visibly dirty water, or, indeed, as opposed to a fountain of saltwater.

Valase’s suggestion of “Trinkwasser” seems optimal to me.

I would also like to thank @Bjo_Hart for noticing such subtleties.


Help center yada yada
Once a string in Transifex has been marked as reviewed, it can’t be edited by Translators.

Stressed: by translators. Some kind of project administrator or whatever could still change it via some kind of brute force, correct?

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In hindsight, my “it can’t be changed anymore” might expressed that a bit unclear. I meant the “normal translators”.

I send a messag per Transifex to a guy named Wuzzy, how has reviewed many translations in the german branch.
I gave him the link to this thread here, maybe he will do something about the problem…
Thanks to @fallstern for the compliment, i’m a little perfecionist :smile:


@Bjo_Hart I am one as well, I guess :slight_smile: I like how you notice these little details. But then, it is the tiny details that make the whole perfect, right?