Game won't launch

Howdy. Been playing about 6 mos, got a new comp today, downloaded the launcher, and…nothing. Game won’t launch.

High end Alienware machine, Win 10, 62 bit, NVIDIA 1080 graphics card. I’m a dummy so probably something simple?

tried running the game’s .exe directly?

Is the launcher itself not opening? We’re gonna need you to be more specific.

Yes, launcher works. No, haven’t tried running the .exe directly.

Depending on where you dumped it you may need to run it as administrator. Also let me know if you have any problems with the colors when you try to run it in Full Screen. When I switched over to my 1080TI I had to fiddle with a few things to get it to display properly.

Ah, running the launcher as admin has worked, although minimized screen. I will play with getting it to full screen now. Thank you for the help!

Any time. Welcome to the Forum btw.