Game wont launch

is there any way to fix this? it started last night when my computer crashed while playing the game. i can open the launcher, but not the game.

Might have corrupted the game files. Or some driver or support software that the game uses is corrupted. Best suggestion try re-installing it. If it persists try updating the computer or reverting to a previous version if you have backups. Otherwise it’s hardware and your SOL.

You’ll need to post a lot more information than that if you want anyone to be able to help you. Version, OS, what you were doing when it crashed, exactly what happens when you try to launch it, anything else you can think of.

That said, reinstalling should always be your first port of call. Personally, I don’t use the launcher since it’s such a pain in the ass.

windows 10, version #8046

when i try to launch it, the launcher disappears and nothing happens

Sounds like something broken. I recommend reinstalling entirely. You can even retrieve your save file from where the game itself is installed.

This stuff happened to me a couple of times, the config files have most probably gotten corrupted. Move the config folder outside and update the game.

ive gotten it fixed and it launched, thank you guys