Cant seem to start the game

Well when I first started playing this game it worked fine on my laptop but after updating a few times through the launcher clicking launch game doesn’t even do anything.

I don’t use the launcher so I can’t really speak to problems arising from it, but have you tried launching the game from the executable (most likely named cataclysm-tiles.exe) to ensure the problems are coming from the launcher?

It might be a permissions issue; when I download a new version Windows requires that I allow it through SmartScreen before it will launch.

If you’ve determined that the launcher is the problem, then reinstalling said launcher might fix it. I wouldn’t discount the possibility of a reinstall raising new barriers, though.

yeah I’ve tried to use the .exe it didn’t work. I also had a windows update recently though but im running it as admin

A lot of things could be causing it to misbehave. Does it throw up any dialogue boxes when you try to run the game (aside from the one that should appear when you Run as Admin), or just do nothing and not run?

Deleting and redownloading the game is generally a solid catch-all solution. You can use the launcher to redownload, but I’d try the stable or experimental download pages depending on which version you use, if only just once.

If you redownload without the launcher and have a character you want to keep, you’ll need to move the “save” folder out before you delete the rest, and the same goes for the “config” folder if you made any Settings changes or you use the Graphical Overmap mod. If you made a character template and want to keep it, you’ll also need to remove the “template” folder. After you extract the game again, you’ll then need to put those folders back with the new copy.