Game repeatedly crashing

So I’ve been stuck in a few crashing loops, one was trying to enter some random house but I crashed everytime I tried to enter it, and the one I’m stuck on right now is an NPC trying to kill some zombie military pilots. I think it may have something to do with NPC’s but I would like to play with them on.

Here is my mod list:

Are you using 9191 or above? There was a bug that caused a crash when milturrets or beagles fired their weapons.

I had a recurring crash just like that this morning before updating as I entered a house a mil outpost came into my reality bubble = crash.

Yeah, using 9193 right now. Should I revert back to 9190?

No the bug was fixed in 9191, your crash is something else.

Report your game version, provide a savegame and reproduce steps.

So I found out that it may be NPCs firing things that causes my game to crash. Got an NPC angry, and the game crashes every time he tries to fire his crossbow I think. How can I fix this?

You need to find a specific line of code where crash happens and fix code to not make it crash.

Or zip up your save, make an issue on the bug tracker, and attach it.
If you’re able to compile your own binaries you can use git to do a “bisect” to find out exactly when this crash bug appeared, which can be a big help in tracking it down.