Game crashes whenever it tries to load an NPC

This is an example of the crash error, and I’m not really sure what could be causing it. Mods? Unstable release? This only started happening today, after updating to build 9008. Yesterday, on build 9001, they worked fine. It happens regardless of faction, Hells Raiders is just the one I happened to copy the error from. Everything is the same except the name of the faction.

DEBUG : Requested non-existing faction ‘hells_raiders’

FUNCTION : faction* faction_manager::get(const faction_id&)

FILE : src/faction.cpp

LINE : 310

Same issue here on build 9008, but when I try to convince anyone to join my side

src/faction.cpp:310 [faction* faction_manager::get(const faction_id&)] Requested non-existing faction ‘your_followers’

Looks like someone has been messing with factions in this build (more features? Yay! :smile:)

Edit: I’ve checked faction list and other factions tab is empty
Edit2: Same issue on clean unmodded world

I have no idea how that is happening on a new world, but I submitted a bug fix that will hopefully stop this from happening.

Here’s a picture of the full crash log, if it helps.

Getting the same thing though i Also had Slave fighters and Somesort of Robot faction