Crash at Refugee Center

Dear Cataclysm Team,

I’m playing the latest nightly (5292 i think) and when the Autosave Function goes of when i’m in proximity to or in a Refugee Center i get a Factions Error and sometimes the game just hangs and crashes but the savegame is loadable after. I also get a Error in that the map is reset and all my discovered territory is removed again… my question is does the game generate crash reports and where are they so i can upload them. i will also watch for the error message concerning the map i get when loading sometimes… As an afterthought when i’m on the error screen and select i for always ignore i just get it again that seems broken?

error messages

greetings from austria

The faction crash bug is known. You can fix it by copying faction list from a save with unbugged factions to the current world.

Bugged overmap is, unfortunately, non-recoverable.
It can be “fixed” by regenerating the overmap, by deleting the files that start with “o.” and the entire “maps” directory. This will put the character in a fresh world.

i’m not familiar with savegame editing… is there a guide somewhere that describes what exactly i have to insert into the file?