Debug error after hostile NPC killed

So a random NPC turned up, told me to piss off, and stole a bunch of stuff from my vehicle. Needless to say I was not keen on this development. Looking at the space where she fell I get debug messages about a non-existent faction (probably because the last member died?).

DEBUG : Requested non-existing faction ‘solo_Bonnie McLean’

FUNCTION : faction* faction_manager::get(const faction_id&, bool)
FILE : src/faction.cpp
LINE : 427

so you examined the items that the NPC dropped - or pressed X to hover over the tile?

what version of the game are you running?

It was 9796, but it may have been a bad save file. I’d done things to it. ^ ^; Probably better wait to see if it’s repeatable.

Youve done things to the save file? right yeah that could do it.

This bug no longer occurs ( or should no longer occur ) on latest experimental.

You could test ona new save file, spawn NPC, make them hostile, kill them and try and reproduce.