Crash when assigning follower to task at faction camp

Anything that involves the follower ‘disappearing’ to either forage or build causes a crash with the following error:

Tested on multiple devices, saves and worlds. Same effect. I noticed this issue today but hadn’t built anything in the last few days. Any idea?

edit: using [Build #9596]

I ran into the same issue. From testing the last build where faction camp assignments don’t crash is #9591. Anything from build #9592 and later will crash.

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I was just going to come on here and post that I found that #9592 is where it breaks. Is this an issue affecting lots of people? I feel like such a serious functionality issue would be getting more attention.

I feel like I just had a follower build the kitchen. She died later on a foraging trip, so I’ll see if I get the same issue once I recruit a new one.

I’m having the same problem and it frustrating

Looks like its related to NPC’s riding horses. Put em on a horse and no crash.

Just tested it and I got the same crash. I guess I’ll put my NPC on a horse until the issue can be resolved.

My bad, fix coming, real soon.

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Thanks dpwb. You’re a hero.