0.C-9227-g6d9e541 cannot find Faction crash

Driving along the roads and getting some error message about two bandits that spawned nearby, kept on driving and then the game crashed.
When trying to restart i get these errors:

DEBUG: overmap (0,0) failed to load: EOF : expecting string but got ’ '
Missing item (check item_groups.json):
DEBUG: The game could not find the hells_raiders faction
Then the game crashes

Any way to save my save?

Edit master.gsav in your save’s directory.
Open some other master.gsav from any other file and manually copy the missing factions, then properly close the braces if any are left unclosed or closed in wrong order.
The actual values are nearly irrelevant (most of them, likes_u and respects_u do have effects), but all fields need to be present.

If that doesn’t work, it may be corrupted overmap file. This one may make the save unrecoverable.
You might still be able to transplant your character into a different world by copying the file that starts with some hashed gibberish and ends with .sav. Just place that file in a different world and it should become playable, but the world will be regenerated.

Thanks. Looking though master.gsav I saw that all factions were missing.
Unfortunately, that only reduced the last error message, I still get the first two and then crash.
I do not have any real attachment to the world i’m currently in, except for my vehicle that i am currently riding.
I guess I’ll just have to remake it.

I guess I replicated this error.
Migrated my char to a new world and been playing for a while. Drove around and then i got the cannot find faction error again. So i quit the game and made a backup of the save and drove to the error area. Its a big compound with mines and fences around it, looked around for a while and i think that when the game autosaved it crashed.
Went and looked at the master.gsav and noticed that the factions were missing this time too so repeated your instructions and went back to the compound again. I think it was allright this time but then i got errors about captives faction, which was not in the new master.gsav.
After I crashed again I just turned around and went the other way.