Game crashes when pressing "f" to fire

0.C-35088-g211350d (tiles) with new build.
Everything was normal back then. But today, when I was trying to fire my MP5, the game crashes right at the moment I press “f”. The same goes with EVERY gun, spear and even mounted turrets.

Anyone can help ? Thanks a lot.

Should be fixed for new characters in build 8264 but it seems old characters still suffer from it or at least mine does.

Yeah, I proposed a fix for existing savegames but it got ignored.


Sadness but at least it’s challenging not being able to fire any thing at least turrets work on auto

@DrakeDragon8 You are not the only one. I tried to create 2 new character at 2 different worlds after updating the game to #8266, they can fire any weapon without any issues. The old char still suffers from the bug.

Can I transfer my character to a new world in order to fix that bug ?
I wanna give it a try

It looks like there’s going to be a second bugfix to handle the corrupted saves.


Damn, I was just deleted my save files.

i found another crash when doing some exploration, when i found a crashed helicopter and get inside i got 'SEGMENTATION FAULT" error right after stepping into chair tile.

is it fixed in B270 up?