[.8] Underslung Shotgun/M203 Crash

I’m having an issue that causes a crash on the stable .8 release. I have a rifle and I’ve attached a M203 to said rifle, I will load it, press ‘F’ to change fire modes to it and then encounter a crash upon attempting to hit ‘f’ to fire it. The same issue occurs with the underslung shotgun, I haven’t tried the masterkey version though.

This is broken in 0.8 but fixed in experimental.

Sorry about that then, I only skimmed over the change log and didn’t notice anyone mention it in their requests.

No problem, just having a thread for people to find that says, “is this a bug?”, “yes, but it’s fixed now.” can be valuable, so don’t feel like you have to trawl through the whole deveopment history before posting about it (though if you feel like doing it I appreciate it :wink:

It’s broken again in Experimental 0.9-2326-g708d1bb

Thanks for your report!

It’s now been listed in our issue tracker.