Game client keeps crashing/shutting down

All my saves play fine then whenever I try to play it just quits and goes to desktop, how do i fix this?
Playing stable version…

Version, OS?

0.A windows 7

Stupid question, but you did actually unzip it before trying to play right?

yeah, I fixed it though by running .exe as admin

That… shouldn’t be necessary. =/

Where did you install the game? If you installed it in a location where it wouldn’t have write privileges then I could see it needing admin rights to run properly.

the homepage here

I was referring more to the location on your computer. :stuck_out_tongue: (Program files, Documents, Downloads, etc.)

oh… downloads
before i reinstalled i was playing it on desktop

Strange, no clue why that would be happening then. Well at least you managed to figure out some way to get it to work, sorry we couldn’t help you find what was originally causing the problem!