Save Game Failures

Hello folks.
I’m not much of a computer person, so I’m not much good at working this stuff out. Wondering if anyone can help me out.
Playing 0.C stable on Windows 7. Was having an occasional problem where it would say “Failed to Save Player Data” when I tried to save. Couldn’t seem to do anything about it. So character died. Reinstalled it. Problem continued.
And now three attempts in a row, apparently it won’t save the maps. Or anything else.
Until I know what the hell to do about his, I suppose I’ll have to just not play a game I am greatly enjoying.
Any helpful advice would be appreciated.

Hi Phil,

Sorry to hear you’re having problems with your saves. I’m not sure what to suggest here, as I have never had such a problem. I am running on Win 7 also, though I tend to stick with the latest experimental version. If you are really enjoying the game, it may be worth checking these out, and perhaps that will solve your problem.

Hope this helps… :slight_smile:

Experimental version could help.
Any chance of hardware-related problems? A full harddrive could certainly cause a save failure.

Thank you.

I will try the experimental version.

Regarding storage space, that is not an issue.

Thanks again.

Windows 7… What directory are you running the game form?

Sorry, as I said, I know stuff-all about computers. Directory?

Did you like stick it in a windows protected folder like program files and does running it as admin still give the saving problem if so

Where abouts on your computer are you trying to run the game from? Where are the game files placed? This might help us to work out why it’s crashing for you… :slight_smile:

What they are trying to tell you is Windows likes to control things without telling you what it’s doing. Microsoft loves to obfuscate things for no reason. I understand why they did it, but they don’t tell their consumers anything.

C:\program files\ and C:\program files (x86)\ limits writing to the directory to administrator accounts.

Two ways to fix it. One run the game under administrator account.

Or simpler, put the game someplace else that is not write protected.

Once I found out they did this. I created my own directory for applications, and my games are on a completely different hard drive.

Thanks everybody. I am on experimental now, and have changed where I have the game installed. No problems so far. I’ll get back to y’all if it’s a problem again. I am also backing up my savegames. My current character is going very nicely. Even better when he finds a welding mask or a bloody spray can. Thanks again.

Glad to hear you got it sorted.

Have fun! :smiley: