Game can't figure out the size of wheels

Deathmobile has 33" armored wheels.

Go to wish menu. No 33" armored wheel appears. Instead a 34" armored wheel does.

Wish for 34" armored wheel, receive 21" armored wheel.

Go back to wish menu, neither 34" nor 21" armored wheels exist. Now only 20" ones do.

Wish for 20" wheel, receive 27" wheel.

The hell is going on here?

When you use the wish menu, it generates a new item as if it was a drop. That’s why some clothes fit and some don’t.

Some items, like wheels, have a variable size. They are all ‘armored wheel’ items, but have additional data that’s rolled when an ‘armored wheel’ item is spawned. This roll happens on the display of the wish menu and when you actually spawn it.

If you wish for four armored wheels at a time, they’ll all spawn with the same size (iirc).

Weird! I had figured there were standard sizes. Okay I can quit wondering WTF is going on, thanks.