Bug - Vehicle tires sizes varied on each vehicle

I’m not sure when this happened but vehicles used to have the same tire sizes or very close. Now your lucky if they are within an inch of each other.

Front right 19", back left 20", back right 16", front left 14". This car would scrape the bottom if it could turn well at all. Handling would be a mess, and tire wear would be atrocious, the rim sizes are vastly different.

Put the code back that had the even tires in. With all of the ‘realistic’ things for the game, this one should be also on the list.

The other option would be to make it generic, and just have ‘car’, ‘truck’, ‘wide’, ‘armored’ tires. Then at least your admitting it’s not going to be remotely realistic.

If someone put’s varied tires on the car is should start making it harder to handle especially turning and the faster you go. Off road would be a mess.

Mostly people have never driven a vehicle with varied tires sizes IRL. I have with oversized on the back of a truck to help with hauling a trailer as they were only tires we had to move that max load for 200 miles. Lucky for us, we didn’t have to turn sharp or fast, but those tires being sturdier helped us in the hauling.

It really hurts the usability of the vehicle. Also the speedometer is actually rated to the tire size. If you don’t re-calibrate it, and your using larger tires, you are going faster than you see. The policeman still gives you a ticket and tells you ‘maybe’ get your speedometer checked.

I use the vehicle parts mod so I’m not sure if some behaviors I experience are due to that or the base game, but I think the tires thing is base.

I mentioned this issue in the past but it’s “fixed” in more recent versions (however right now vehicle/light control is kind of borked (cant’ toggle lights/electric stuff) so updating may be iffy til that’s resolved).

Now you not only get all consistent tires on a vehicle, like all 32" on “military” vehicles but from what i’ve seen ALL “military” vehicles have the same tire size (of 32" armored). Sedans and such seem to all have 17", bicycles are all 10", and so on. No more random wheel lotto - at the moment.

There also seems to be consistency in engine sizes now. For ex, all sports cars have 12.0 v12’s - there’s no more variation (and somewhat sadly no more “quest” to find that little bit extra oomph sized v12 - but the consistency is kinda nice.).