On wheels and turn


the first question on the size of automobile wheels.

very often, dismantling the machine, I see that on the same machine are wheels of different sizes.
why it happens in the game? is this “a feature” of the game engine? for example, to pick up a set of wheels, the player would have to search a lot of cars. - Shall we say - an element of complexity of the game - I think so.

but that is not clear, the car goes exactly right. the machine does not “pull side”, in turns fits perfectly, although we may have 4 totally different wheels of different sizes. .
my guess: maybe, the game engine is not yet able to fulfill the different wheel sizes? It may not yet know how. and different sizes of wheels - "for the future"

And the second question - how many rotary axes can be in the car?

I want to build a long bus. length of more than 12 cells. but (as I assume) I can begin to turn the problem. I want to try to apply the rotary axis as the front and rear axles at the same time in the car will be a lot. roughly like the Topol-M, whose front several rotary axes. but I want more and rear rotary axis.
He is able to work game engine more than one rotary axis?

  1. As far as I can see, doesn’t matter what size of wheel you use. It’ll still be wheel in the vehicle menu, anyway.

  2. Many axels as you want.

not PERFECT, but it’s - WORKS!!!.. hmm…

thanks a lot.

As I understand it, size of wheel affects some complex calculations regarding safe/max speed and possibly fuel efficiency, but not enough that I ever worry about it. As far as I know, that’s all it does.