Should 'faux fur' be good enough for winter survivor clothing?

I have over 20 faux fur pelts and … one real fur pelt. I direly need some winter survival clothing. Should we be able to substitute faux fur for real fur in the winter survivor range of recipes or is it not good enough?

There is so much differences between them, it doesn’t seems right.
fur have better protection vs air/wind, water/snow (repel more and for a longer period of time) and have a thicker layer inside, insulating more than faux fur.
I’d say if a recipe end up with 50 warmth with fur, I wouldn’t give it more than 30 warmth with faux fur (for the same encumbrance)

As for your real issue in your current game, if you can jump on some roof and try to spot some LMOE shelter and evac shelter - you can find some decent warm clothes here that should let you wander outside until you find a better solution.

I think faux fur substitutes would be nice to have for various items that take fur to craft, but they’d need to be different items.

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Yeah, I was thinking along those lines. We could have a ‘animal friendly’ line of clothing substitutes for vegans and such. I was stuck coming up with names for them. You could do like with the AAA books and have the same names but different values and descriptions, I guess?

BTW, comparing the faux fur hat vs fur hat the difference isn’t vast. It’s like 14% less warmth from the faux and 17% less protection.

Wouldn’t the faux fur items in the book Friendly, Human Fashion already cover the animal friendly line?

They’re good for warmth, if you have the book (which I have personally never seen in game), but nothing special for protection. The ‘winter survivor’ line of clothing is auto-learn and has that post apocalyptic bite resistant thing going for it.