Fungus Question

Should I be concerned?

I have a few days worth of items and components to strip and refit and the the fungus has gone from, pushed back and almost wiped out to, all consuming and too close to burn rather quickly. Should I be particularly concerned? Especially considering as a spider I can’t actually sleep inside the vehicles and have to web up next to them sleeping on fungus and wake up encircled by peaceful fungus monsters every night. So far it’s just been disconcerting but I’m not sure if it’s actually dangerous for me.

Normally in such a scenario you have two options: either embrace the fungus and help it grow or run as far away from it as you can, leaving only a trail of burning mushrooms behind you. Seeing as you are already a Spider and thus incompatible with the Mycus you should get out of there immediately. No loot (except anti-fungal drugs) is worth gathering if you risk getting a fungal infection in the process. Speaking of anti-fungal drugs, hope you have a few of those lying around or things might get really bad for you even if you abandon this wretched place right now.

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Unfortunately both vehicles have their engines ripped out as I’m swapping out of the three wheeled defunct Swat Truck into an Armored Personnel Carrier. I have some agricultural fungicide but no drugs. I have likely quite a few days worth of work making the thing roadworthy let alone moving well over 1000 L of good from one to the other. I assume this will be risky business then.

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Regular fungicide has a very small chance to cure fungal infections, but it is a chance nonetheless which should not be ignored if the worst comes to the worst. If you have high enough cooking and the recipe you can turn it into anti-fungal drugs which are much better than what you have now.

If you really choose to stay in that infected area while you repair your mobile home, wear your armor with the highest amount of environmental protection and coverage as you have to minimize the chance of getting infected. Only repair the bare minimum to get your car running and drive to a safer place to finish the repairs.

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How the hell did that place become so infested, and more importantly, WHY ON EARTH DID YOU DECIDE TO PARK THERE?! If you have to sleep or do other things, make sure you leave the area so it is outside of the reality bubble; that way the fungus is in “stasis” (because the game doesn’t consider time to pass in an area unless you are observing it) and can’t spread.

The good news is that the moment you set that shit on fire, its going to keep spreading, FAST, until there is nothing but ash. The bad news is its going to take a while to burn, and murder your FPS. That being said, you can’t ignore an infestation of this magnitude. It will cover the whole map if you let it. It looks like it already has a good start.

Yeah, that stuff is not personal now. It’s planetary environmental! Do your part and craft a flamethrower.

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Can these things create new fungal towers and stuff? I don’t recall there being a fungal bloom in the actual town, and there’s two fungal flower locations nearby as well. Managed to get the vehicle out of there but everywhere I go pretty much turns into a field of fungus immediately.

Fungaloids can’t make new boss class fungi (towers, spires and giant flowers) yet, although that will likely get implemented eventually.

That said, a fungal bloom and two fungal flower locations in a close vicinity is a big deal, the flowers alone spread the fungus much faster than it normally would. To rub it in, giant fungal flowers are the hardest of the fungal queen trio to get rid of due to their massive fungal gas attack preventing you from just burning all of the grunts and then shooting down the boss.

Your options are either to hit the road in hope of finding a better place (literally any other place is better for a non Mycus pc then a fungal infestation) or stay and exterminate all fungaloids starting with the queens. If you choose fight over flight you should be prepared for an all out war that will take weeks to finish.

Kill it with fire. Lots of fire. And if you die, at least it will be in a blaze of glory.
Luckily for me, I’ve never had to deal with this kind of issue before. Cuz Molotov’s are fun. Burnt down a whole city once though because of that.
At least me and my pet rock survived.
But here’s the real question now:
We know the fungus is with him, but is it amugus?

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