How do Fungal Blooms work?

I have one near the town my survivor is set up inside and i know they infect zombies and such with spores but does the Fungal Bloom grow larger as time passes or does it stay the size it is?

Spores will fungi-fy just about everything in their path given time. Fungal critters usually aren’t good eating and fungal terrain is both Highly Flammable and either is or shouldn’t be good for construction.

Not to mention fungaloids everywhere.

Consider setting fire to the bloom, and then shooting down the Spire once its walls are down. A quick strike can nail the Spire and cause the fungaloids to die off.

Well so say the Fungal Bloom is about 1 hour away from my base in a month or so could it only be 20 minutes away from my base due to expanding?

Spire wouldn’t move but the fungus would. You wouldn’t detect it on the overmap though.

Hmm that is pretty darn cool so say i spawned some fungal spires in a town and then waited a couple month i could theoretically have my own Last Of Us game going? :o

Well the fungus doesn’t move, but the things it spawns does.

What are the risks of infection from entering a fungal bloom without protection? What sort of protection do I need?

if im correct dont get close to them and dont let the atack you

You’ll want 100% coverage with an environmental protection of at least 2? You’ll also want a filter mask or gas mask to stop you breathing in spores.

If you don’t, you’re up shit creek, the fungal infection is pretty serious, within 6 hours you’ll be fully infected, with a 0.1% chance of taking 60 damage to both arms each turn. Always carry some spare fungicide, just in case.

and dont forget to have some royal jely and some anti fungal drugs

arm splint is good too because broken bones in arms do not regenerate without this