Chemical sprayer/fungicide

I’ve been trying to figure out how to kill of fungal nests with any means other than fire - which is pretty damn cheap and effective, though it won’t kill a tower (which, oddly, will burn for all eternity as it regenerates).

There are all these recipes for crafting anti-fungal spray and reagents, but despite having an entire library of books on chemical warfare, there appears to be no actual recipe for crafting even the simplest SPRAYER. One would assume the hardware stores would have simple weed sprayers occasionally, and that the chem warfare books would have craft-able versions that would allow agents to be delivered at longer range, or armories would stock them occasionally.

On a related note, the fungicide spray itself requires sulfur, which I don’t think I’ve ever found save as a very rare reagent in labs - which is kind of a non-starter for an ammunition component I’d need a tanker truck full of, given the number of fungal towers in my current game.

Is this just an unfinished implementation?

Sulfur sometimes spawns next to lava vents, so you might try looking for those. Bring some gear to keep the heat from cooking you.

You don’t absolutely need fireproof gear. I usually just hop out of my vehicle and sprint over in my regular clothes, grab the sulfur, and sprint back. I wind up with about 10-15 pain, nothing an aspirin can’t handle.

You need launchers(2) in addition to mechanics(6) to make a chemical thrower. Weird, I know. I wrote a post about my experience with chemical throwers last month.

On the plus side, I’ve found as many as seven or eight lumps of sulfur near a lava rift before, which makes the sulfur requirement a little easier. But it’s still pretty hard to justify not just burning the fungal bastards.

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