Issues with fungaloids and the edges of the worldspace

So, as I understand it, the game has a limited worldspace where things can happen around you, and everything else is frozen. One big issue I noticed when I decided to make an outpost by a fungal spire is that while I eventually made the space around me fungal-free, I would find that there was still a big slowdown.

I explored a little and found that there would be spaces with 12-20 fungaloids all around each other, and as I got closer, they would begin to move out farther from me. I don’t know if this is their AI, but what I noticied is that the fungaloids seem to get stuck at the edges of the world-space if you don’t leave it (like, for example, you’re building an outpost/crafting). Is there anyway to sort of fix this, since the slowdown starts to become a major concern when there are five or six clusters of 20 fungaloids.

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Debug mode: 'k’ill all monsters. Do it twice to also kill the spore clouds. I started to do this if I was going to have to travel through an infested region more than twice, just as a preemptive defense against lag.
It will also kill animals inside the reality bubble, so be careful if you don’t want that.