Fungal Spires overspawn

Hey, I got a weird bug. I downloaded the 0.3 source release a couple days ago, extracted to a clean directory and built it, and I started playing a new game.
Things were going well until I decided to circle to the west side of town, and got into a Fungaloid area. A fungal spire spawned, just out in the middle of a field. No “F” on the minimap, no fungal bed. I hit it with my only molotov I had on me to stop the spores, then turned around.
Unfortunately, more of them had spawned. Recognizing a bug, I wished up some molotovs and C4 and leveled about five as I tried to move out of the spawn area, but I got caught between a gigantic mob of f/Fs and a bunch of Zs that heard the explosions, and I got killed. (Oops. Duh.)

It appears the Fungal Spires are spawning as if they were regular enemies.

I can post a save somewhere if it’s necessary.

Should be fixed now I think. They’d been added to the fungaloid spawngroup by mistake, so the game saw them as a valid target for spawning.

Good to hear. I didn’t realize Fungaloids could be any more awful! I’ll enjoy roasting the next spire I find.

I had a bug similar to this, basically the same as above, but it slowed my computer to a crawl and every time I moved more spawned slowing down my system further. I exited out and deleted the save folder and so far no more trouble.

I’m using the windows version of .3

If you can’t recompile, you can edit the spawn list data file directly to fix it.
Open data/raw/monstergroups.json in a text editor
Around line 70 or so is a block similar to:
“name” : “GROUP_FUNGI”,
“default” : “mon_fungaloid”,
“monsters” : [
{ “monster” : “mon_fungaloid_dormant”, “freq” : 0 },
{ “monster” : “mon_ant_fungus”, “freq” : 0 },
{ “monster” : “mon_zombie_fungus”, “freq” : 300 },
{ “monster” : “mon_boomer_fungus”, “freq” : 30 },
{ “monster” : “mon_spore”, “freq” : 0 },
{ “monster” : “mon_fungal_wall”, “freq” : 0 }

But will have an entry with “mon_fungaloid_queen” in it. Just delete that line and make a new world.
Also you can play with monster spawn frequencies if you want a non-standard experience.