Fungal flowers not spawning?

I’ve made multiple maps and revealed the map through the debug menu and I can’t seem to find them. I can spawn them in but not find them natuarally occurring.

They are more rare than the fungal tower and spire areas.

But they do spawn however the map/mods/world settings may be preventing it’s spawn. They are more likely to be found in a swampy area in my experience and will also only spread through forested (swamps are close enough to this) and will make smaller fungal flowers from underbrush and bushes even trees are potential candidates.
Also try to remove mods and try revealing the map. And remember the fungal bloom DOES NOT have the Giant Fungal Flower it has the Fungal Spire.

Note all fungal enemies suffer from the same problem with fungal zombies as they will still try to kill them occasionally. This bug/oversight/effect does not affect other fungal enemies but CAN effect modded fungal enemies(they’ll attack other fungi some times).
Hope this all helps.

Ok, if anyone else has this problem I changed city spacing to 6 and they started spawning.