Fungal Bloom question

Using the strategy on the wiki, I approached the fungal bloom and hit it with a molotov then pulled back a couple of map squares and gave it a while to burn. When I returned there were no Walls, Spire, nothing. Just ash.

Can you now destroy a Bloom simply with fire in this version? If so, will the Fs and Zs and os eventually stop spawning?

Killing the bloom dramatically reduces their numbers, over time. I dunno if they ever stop spawning entirely…

The way that it works is that the game pulls from a spawn “population” for things like fungal blooms. While the spire is still alive it slowly replenishes that population. When the spire dies it stops replenishing that population, meaning it will eventually stop spawning more (this also holds true for things like bees and ants when the queen is killed). On the specific note of F’s, however, they have an alternate way to spawn (though spores) that doesn’t draw from the spawn population. This means that even if you keep killing them, and area will never actually be clean unless you clear out a large enough area that they can’t just replenish with spores to repopulate.

Hmm. How far away did you get? If you stick around to watch the Spire burn, it actually doesn’t take fire damage (it’s technically made of Stone, but isn’t bulletproof). Being able to cook the thing via off-map damage is nifty.

I moved approx 2 map squares away. Threw down a bunch of turrets and went to sleep. IN the morning, no more Spire, however…

I was unable to reproduce this result on a second* fungal bloom site so I’m guessing it was a lucky bug.


I’ve noticed this little occurance - if you burn the Fung-Bloomg down, the dynaspawn clears the surrounding map squares of the opposition, with an exeption of those that are set (or adept, whatevah) in a different spawn ruling. But if you murder the Ant Queen, only the square of the grid where the anthill was gets cleared; if you were too late in the game to eliminate 'em you get entire armies of deathsquads to deal with.