So how long does it take for killing the queen to kill of the local pop?

It never really seems like killing off a spores “queen” has any effect at curbing spore populations. How exactly do they spawn anyways? Do they grow out of fungal bed tiles until you burn them?
Or does killing the queen just neuter them, and i’ll have to personally kill every single one to remove the threat?

not sure about fungal bed but you need to kill every fungaloid

If I remember this correctly - and I am speaking from experience so I might be wrong - spore monsters spawn based on fungal bed tile numbers. As long as fungal bed tiles are above certain threshold it will spawn fungal monsters in the area.

This creates cycle of Fungal beds -> more fungal monsters -> more fungal beds -> repeat.
To sever this loop, not only you have to kill all the fungal monsters, you have to burn the entire area. Otherwise they will just respawn within few days AT MOST. I hope you have a flamethrower.

I have been playing with no fungus mod(for obvious reasons) for an year though, so I could be wildly inaccurate right now.

Just like a real fungus, if you want it gone you’ve got to kill every spore and anything capable of producing spores.

so what the heck is the point even giving fungal boss’s like spires the “queen” tag???

I don’t know the relevant code, but it’s possible that the spread via spores and fungal ground outpaces any deaths caused by killing the queen. Maybe she only controls the life of stuff that was spawned by the fungus zone she created but not the stuff that spawns from fungal ground and spores. Fungal spread is simply ridiculous. I’ve really been considering implementing my sporeling nerf, they shouldn’t have such a huge chance to implant themselves in the ground like they do, not when killing a single fungaloid spits out a half dozen sporelings.

TLDR: It may be working as intended, yet being masked by the speed of fungal growth. I just had a thought, maybe it is actually working and killing the fungaloids, but when they die, they produce sporelings which implant themselves and make more fungaloids thereby rendering a net gain in population. Something to consider next time I get the urge to poke around at the files.

I think that makes sense…fungal are the only ones who are capable of increasing their population via deaths.


It’s been a while since I looked at the code, but as my foggy old memory recalls, killing a “boss” monster will cause the spawn pool for that region to begin dropping by a percentage over time, slowly approaching zero.
This does not affect any monsters that have already spawned onto the map, just the ones that could be spawned in the future. So the best strategy is to make a beeline for the boss, kill it, then dash back out the same way you came in, and leave for a couple of weeks.
Then you can mop up the few that spawned and be sure that very few will appear in the future. This is less good for fungaloids, because even one can spread like wildfire if it pops into the reality bubble unnoticed, but regular patrols will see them eventually exterminated.

Ah, so that’s how it is. I’m definitely going to attempt to nerf the sporelings, maybe I can get them to prefer poofing on the player or enemies instead of wandering around til their ‘implant’ special attack gets triggered and they make more fungal ground.

I’d kinda like to see their spread ability be reduced when the nearby tower is destroyed. Like the tower spreads fine spore clouds over the land and the fungaloids help implant them.

The fungus only multiplies when in reality bubble so player becomes the catalyst to the explosive expanding of fungus. This is not realistic The fungus needs to spread much slower but to be able to spread outside of reality bubble.