Fullness and cigarettes

Apparently I can’t smoke an entire cigarette if my stomach is full.
Here’s a picture.

I wonder if cigarettes are kledged as being consumables with increment fullness of 0 or something and by being full denies you the ability to smoke them. I’m only speculating but that’s weird… if I were more rude, I would recommend to stop 'E’ating your cigs.

It’s an annoying message, but luckily not being able to finish your ‘food’ doesn’t impact your morale bonus.

I maintain the theory that you aren’t actually smoking the cigarette, or any other drug you try to use. Any drug that you try to use that needs something like a pipe or syringe and a lighter, is just cooking it, so it will at least be warm when you eat it. Ever get the feeling that you need a cig? Just heat it with your lighter, and nom it right down! Getting the shakes from heroin withdrawal? Suck it right out that syringe, slugger! Want to chill out for a while? Who needs pot brownies, when you can eat it straight!

Y’know, people used to boil tins of tobacco and drink the resulting… mixture… so they wouldn’t be conscripted.
I’m pretty sure whatever wars they were wouldn’t kill them quicker.

[quote=“Iosyn, post:5, topic:3340”]Y’know, people used to boil tins of tobacco and drink the resulting… mixture… so they wouldn’t be conscripted.
I’m pretty sure whatever wars they were wouldn’t kill them quicker.[/quote]

Indeed. A quick google search on the subject suggests this as a recipe for a rather nasty insecticide. Potentially an interesting alternate use for cigarettes, for those not interested in smoking them.

Maybe desperate characters could boil up a bunch of cigarettes in water and drink the resulting concoction in order to kill off any dermatiks or fungal infection they have inside of them, at the cost of getting massively sick for the rest of the day.

It has me thinking…

I can see it, though there are other things you’d want to implement alongside it to make it a worthwhile inclusion, instead of a weird niche item.

I’d start by having insecticide generally available (crafted using the mentioned method, possibly with other options; also added to loot wherever you’d find cleaning supplies). You might consider trying to use it in a sprayer (which it’d normally spawn with) to do damage to bug-type enemies, though a little misty squirt of poison is unlikely to slow down a giant mosquito all that much. It might be more effective against large targets in a more-powerful sprayer, like a watergun. Waterguns would be somewhat effective against other types of creatures if filled with acid, if you were willing to use up your valuable acid as a weapon. There might also be a few weird creatures (unworldly horrors) that are especially vulnerable to ordinary water.

On the other hand, if you’ve just gotten attacked by an infestation-type creature, and you have a wound that might have something alive in it, then you could use insecticide on the wound to try and kill the spawn, in the same sense you might disinfect a bite wound. That’d hurt, and maybe poison you a little, but would be rather safer than the infestation. On the other hand, once the initial wound has healed, giving the infestation time to spread, there’s not as much you can do. In that desperate situation, you might drink insecticide, seriously poisoning yourself… which is dangerous, and may or may not cure your infection (a higher dose gives a higher chance of a cure, along with a worse and possibly lethal poisoning).

Hey, aren’t most insecticides just neurotoxins that have been diluted? And isn’t the way they work that the insects in question are eating a crop, so you spray the crop, and they get poisoned when they eat the crop?

From a realworld point of view, this seems a tadbit silly as a weapon. And non-functional.

From a gameplay point of view however…