“You haven’t got anything to smoke out of”

Hidden message is

“You really enjoy smelling it”

Bug isn’t the not being able to smoke message when you don’t have pipe or w/e but your morale goes up as if you have smoked it but stacks don’t decrease, it think it reduces pain level as well, it does cause thirst by being -quench but I don’t lose any stats either by “smoking” lots either, no High status on effects list.

So basically my character really likes smelling cannabis but it makes him quite thirsty.


Ok reloaded and now it’s working… I am pretty sure I had a lighter and matchbook last time I tried…

My guy also enjoys smelling weed. i have a lighter, but no rolling papers. i get the morale bonus and the message “You have nothing to smoke this out of” i also get -quench.

Well, y’know, isn’t that kinda realistic? :stuck_out_tongue:

If you have no papers just use an empty aluminum can or turn a glass bottle into a crackpipe using a source of fire.

The problem isn’t smoking them, the problem is not smoking them :stuck_out_tongue:

Having no papers or pipe etc… means you get a message saying you can’t smoke it but you get the morale bonus of smoking it as well as pain killing and increased thirst, you don’t get any other effects so no stat loss or status effect, might not even get addicted, I tried it a few dozen times and no addiction noticeable a few days later.