Frozen liquids intended to not be dropable until thawed? (Experimental 11133)

For reference, I am aware that frozen liquids that exist in a container (gallon jug etc) are not intended to be dropable from that container, and that makes sense. My question is whether or not frozen liquids which have been picked up after being hammered from the ground/floor are intended to not be interactable until they are thawed (by any means, frying pan or otherwise). This only comes into question since in my game I wasn’t given the option of which container to put a picked up frozen liquid into, resulting in it going into a random pocket of my pants. That concept then seems like my character had solid ‘ice cube’ items that they were handling at that point, until they were actually picked up at which point they once again formed into an un-manipulatable block of ice that I couldn’t even shuck out of said pants pocket, until I went and melted it. Given the likely convoluted code avalanche that would be probably be necessary to differentiate between liquids that were in a container before they froze and liquids that were placed in a container after they had frozen on the ground and been picked up, I suggest (with an unfortunate lack of general code knowledge to know if my idea is actually better or not, sorry for time wasted if not) that a possible solution would be to have a prompt when using a hammering tool to pick up a frozen liquid that works similar to the normal liquid interaction prompt allowing the character to choose a container to place the frozen liquid into. This would also hopefully circumvent the other issue regarding the current system where the random storage currently selected as a receptacle for the frozen liquid item can contain the melted state of that liquid even if it wouldnt normally be watertight (aforementioned example: pants pocket) by requiring a container that would normally be watertight (and possibly resealable) in the prompt, rather than any container that can hold a ‘regular’ item.