Can you pick up frozen liquids?

BOTTOM TEXT BECAUSE WHY NOT. (this is the body)

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The answer despite common sense saying otherwise is no. Also why is a sink (which usually have drain stoppers) not act similarly to toilet bowls.

Because the good evacuees didn’t think to stop up their sink and run the tap while they were fleeing the living dead. If I had to guess.

This actually made me think about bath tubs. I live in a really rural area that frequently gets bad weather. One of the first things they tell you to do if you’re stranded/whatever is to fill your bath tub up with water so you have a hefty supply if shit really hits the fan.

Not that I’d be keen to drink out of my tub.

I think it’d be neat to sometimes find bathtubs in-game filled with water for this reason.


With soapy water. Mmmmmm.

Presumably that’s why the bath water can still get you sick. It would probably be pertinent to boil it.

In The Road filling up the bathtub is one of the first things the protagonist does. So even if it was a rare occurrence it’d be neat to see a bathtub full of water every once in a while.


I was more thinking as since you can’t drag a toilet around I was hoping to dump the water into a sink next to an oven with a fire in it so I could actually boil it.

Walmart has $20 Sawyer filters. Comes with a collapse-able bottle and straw too. Fits most standard water bottles and if continuously used. You can get a few thousand gallons, depending on the quality of source water.

That said. You can get a ton of off the grid items from Amazon and just about any camping supply store.

To name a few, try these; Cabelas, Bass Pro(cabelas owned by bass), EMS, REI and Walmart even has a camping section with low to medium end productions.

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It would be cool if the game registered things like sinks as a valid water receptacle.

So what about picking up frozen liquid ? Will it be a thing in the near future or is it too complicated to add at the moment ?

The problem I see is modeling it as something you can throw and store in cargo spaces and such. But then when it melts it’ll be converted to a spilled liquid I imagine. How would that work?

I remember when disassembling a first-aid kit would spill disinfectant onto the ground as a liquid.

Maybe to get frozen liquids back in a bottle just melt it over a funnel? Could be a crafting recipe.

I read a couple of articles a couple of months back on survival websites suggesting that a straw is a really really useful thing to include in a survival kit. There was even a link to a product on Amazon consisting of a long, sturdily built stainless steel straw (it was meant specifically for firebuilding as it lets you blow air into a very small area to help expand a tiny ignition source without hyperventilating). Other than firebuilding, the main use suggested for a straw was recovering water from very shallow sources.

It seems to me that there should be several ways to recover spilled liquids in the game. Mop it up with a rag and wring it out again, aspirate it through a tube into a bag (or basin or jar or bulb or --if it’s a safe liquid in the first place-- your mouth), suck it up with a wet/dry vac, dig a hole and squeegee it in, suck it into a steamed bottle (you never saw that trick in science?), use two jars and some tubing with a bottle of water (this is the rig that they used to treat sucking chest wounds before they invented an electric pump to do it, look it up), throw down kitty litter (or another absorbant: sand, clay, styrofoam for gas or diesel, sawdust, etc) and distill it off afterwards. There’s lots of ways to do this. Some of them might lose a certain amount of your liquid. You might need to filter it or treat it in some other manner to make it usable. But you can definitely recover spilled liquids if there’s a good reason to do so.

I think the big question is is there a reason to do so though and that’s the one the devs of pointed to whenever picking up liquids has been mentioned before. Why?

Because that seems to be the only reasonable way for someone to rescue liquids that have accidentally been dropped on the floor or were otherwise made unreachable (accidental smashing, eplosions?, zombies smashing).

The real reason would be smashing river ice for carrying and melting it into water afterwards.

I dont see a point in it for most liqiids and the liquids i could see a point in saving would be less effective or altered by any methods that would save and filter them, things like mutagen.

Do rivers freeze now?

I keep a Sawyer mini filter in my purse. Because you never know.

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