Cannot stash anything while frozen

Don’t know if this is from the update… I have magiclysm,
More city locations, no fungal monsters and stats through kills.
Anyway, anytime I try and pick up anything frozen, I get told I have no room.
I have tons of room in my pack and only 25% of my carry weight.
Sodas, food, water etc.

If you’re playing on version >10614 then it’s almost certainly one of many bugs introduced with nested containers system. Probably should make a bug report on github, if there isn’t one already.

Yeah I get similar with canned goods like soup. Sometimes when crafting it will ask me randomly to please choose whether to fill a nearby container, spill or consume the liquids, even if the recipe doesn’t remotely use the canned item. What’s worse is, I can’t back out of that menu; I HAVE to choose one of the three and cannot cancel.