Experimentals crash on start up; Stable fine

On Window 8 (yes, I know), using a recent, cheap Asus laptop, aanddd… I’m not sure what other technical data would be important.

So, I can download and run the stable version currently on the front page, but for the longest time the experimentals have been unable to run. I’ve posted as much on the Bay12 thread, but eh. When I execute the .exe, if I hover over my mouse cursor over the file explorer window I get my mouse cursor + that ‘loading’ circle forever, even after Cataclysm closes, and it usually that particular window (but not other file explorer windows) becomes unresponsive.

When Cataclysm opens, it opens up a window, but it’s white, instead of the usual black background Cataclysm has. Shortly it closes, not showing the title screen or anything, and as to my knowledge does not generate an error message, though if those would pop up anywhere besides inside the Cataclysm folder I’m unaware of it.

I just tried unzipping version 1681 over the working stable, in which case it generates a black background, pops up an error message about having a duplicate old_guns mod, and after I click whatever for it to continue, it closes as usual. The file explorer window becomes unresponsive when I start the .exe as usual. I reported it happening in version 1424 or roundabout there on the Bay12 topic, though I don’t know how long it’s been happening before that - I might’ve tried it before that, and just not bothered reporting it because logging in here is a pain.

Both terminal versions of the windows version, if I forgot to mention that, though I know I tested the SDL version at some point before, with equivalent results.

But yeah, is there something I can do to fix it, or an explanation or something?

First I’ve heard of it. :-/

I run XP and it’s fine here. Sorry.

Does windows 8 have compatability mode? Try running it with something like that.

No dice, both with XP SP3 compatibility and Windows 7. Tried admin mode for the Win7 try, didn’t help.

Ah, I do seem to have generated a ‘logg.txt’, though - it says mod_gui initialized, but then that’s it.