Frog mother healing is too overpowered

I’ve been trying to get rid of a frog mother I encountered in the basement of a building but I can’t seem to get rid of it. I barely escaped with my life on my second encounter and lost my toolkit in the process, but even though I managed to make all of its limbs heavily arterial bleeding and loaded two clips of hollow point rounds into it, it can just spam out healing to counter it.
Is there any way to kill it with having to nuke the entire building? I can’t even kill it with Molotovs since basements are technically fire proof

I have never properly enountered a frog mother but one (probably overkill) way to kill it would be to tunnel into the basement and lure it onto a brazier with a prelit fire (getting around the brazier using a carefully placed metal door). Then shoot it with the most powerful machine gun on hand until it dies.

-another way would be to lure it onto a slime pit created with a goo canister

-alternatively look up ways to kill shoggoths and aply them to the frog mother

-lastly you could just leave it alone and write off that basement

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normally I would but I had to drop my toolkit to get away and the city garages are currently too dangerous with evolved zombies to try and risk going to a garage without some more firepower/armor

I had 2 ways of dealing with them:

  1. go back up the stairs and smash the stairs.

  2. if 1) fails, then run as far as possible, get a decoy car and lure it out of there elsewhere.

in my most recent case, it was a 2). I was lucky enough for the house to be near the outskirts of a small town, so I just grabbed an electric car and lured it close to a slime pit.

I DID notice that the Frog Mother doesn’t fight Zombies, which is … weird. But then again, the Feral Humans seem to be best buddies with Zombies too, so idk whether that’s normal or not.

I do have to agree that the frog mother’s healing is a little to much. If you can only deal with it via cheesy strategies, a car or the heaviest of guns than you know it’s broken.

  1. Even if it required something really specific like explosives in an ambush, that wouldn’t mean it’s broken. The whole point of having different monsters with different stats is to require different tactics and resources in order to deal with it.
  2. The frog mother does not have such strict requirements. I’ve tested it with a variety of mid-range weapons like an ar-15. Anything with decent sustained burst fire can take it down with impuny.

The failure mode for monster variety is that you can handle every monster the same way. From that point of view the frog mother is a huge success.

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the frog mother is, in fact, a “zombie.” by which i mean it is an entity that is blob-controlled.

Ahh, that would explain it.
That’s possibly something I would’ve noticed should I manage to kill one. (like needing to be smashed or giving out tainted stuff as butchery results).