Frog Mother - am I doing it wrong

I am a new player in C:DDA, about two weeks now and several characters. Started playing on stable 0.E but switched to latest Experimental last week. Been enjoying the game so far and figuring out how things work, and how to avoid dying too quickly.
This is the third time I have been jumped on by a frog mother, and dying after being dragged around and banged around until exhaustion and pain takes me down. My latest character was kitted with a SWAT armor, which did a great job against normal zombies.
I still can’t figure out how to kill this frog mother - or is it just a very strong monster than I should avoid if possible? Stabbing it with my steel spear doesn’t seem to damage it quickly enough, it heals rapidly. I can kill the tadpoles it spawns but it just keeps spawning more of them.
So is there something I am missing and should be doing different? or is this monster just much stronger than I can possibly take down at early stage with melee weapon?
I encountered a Mi-go before but at least I managed to run away from it. Frog mother captures you and makes it very difficult to get away.

Haven’t faced it myself, but there may be an adjustment to its regen in the near future. For now, it’s best to avoid it without firearms with full auto capability - that’s apparently the best way to kill it is to unload at close range.

the thing is, and something you probably didnt notice as you got bashed around… the frog mother isnt really what you’re dealing with… of course its hard to kill and beats you up, but it also summons lots of tadpoles, which similarly bash on you at the same time… so you’re really fighting a GROUP of monsters even though you originally only saw the one, the tadpoles are what grab you and slow you down.

you’ve got two options when you see one… either have an on hand burst fire weapon (which is unlikely early game, but if you see a vehicle with a turret, keep in mind you can disassemble that turret for the gun, and they’re usually pretty beefy!) or a car, smash into it at about 20 MPH (and hope your car has a seatbelt) and it usually explodes into gore… i often have a similar problem with the slug monsters that pop up out of swamps.

I learned the hard way very early on to avoid swamps like the plague. Nothing good ever comes from being there in my experience and just stay away from the frog. Vacate the area, run for your life.

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i once saw a frog mother fighting giant wasps… plural.

the frog mother -won-

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This is the correct answer.

Maybe too strong. I remember encountering it and unloading on it at close range with a assault rifle on full-auto. The thing was able to simply heal quicker that I could aim and reload. I remember it being able to simply heal from 6 bullets (the ones that hit) in the time it took me to aim and reload dispite bleeding at the maximum intensity form every body part.