French strings in the game?

So I was translating, and I found some french strings in the .po that I’ve never encountered in the game, including stuff like “Percer dans quelle direction?” or “Mon dieu! Nous allons en parler OK?”. They’re also in the German .po, and I guess the other ones as well. Are they really part of the game? Where do they occur?

EDIT: Apparently it’s Jaqueshammer stuff, sorry for the thread.

For the french version you’ll obviously want to replace it with the english “Jackhammer” and English translations of the french. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the usual solution for this sort of thing is to make up an analogous language-based joke for the french. Translate the french strings to english, and come up with a silly anglicization of “marteau-piqueur”. Although i’m not at all sure what that could be ;).