Forum Discussion: Try not to get too meta

How do I disable email alerts? I can’t seem to do so on this new forum and seeing new messages in my inbox over things I’ve already replied to is starting to get annoying.

Other topics of interest:
Eidt: is there any chance we will get strikethrough back?

Or spoilers? They are rather handy when preventing…well spoilers, or for keeping picture posts from taking up too much room, especially with the infinity scroll.

Maybe a couple of text colors?

Are there any other formatting tools I might not be aware of because they are not represented in the tool bar above?

Here’s what I found:

  1. Click on your profile, go to Preferences>Emails, then untick the relevant boxes.
  2. The spoilers are in the little gear at right.

I am a hidden text. I live in the post formatting gear menu at the far right.

Click over here >I am invisible text .So am I

Blurred link:

Click on the little pencil to see revision history and code

BorkBork beat me to the top isues.
There is 0 chance of moving back to smf.
No colors.
Nope, formatting is minimal by design, the toolbar has them all.

Blurry links seem dangerous. I was sent to the wesite under the link on the second click.

Thanks guys. Those all seem like really obvious things I should have realized before now - yet somehow didn’t wait…

Is this struckthrough?

Oh we do have that

Hardly. The gear isn’t an obvious home for spoilers, and the blurry link is situational. We still have bbcode, and we also have post revision history in the little orange pencil.

It’s nice to have a warning when somebody is about to post, but I miss the site traffic screen.

Fewer spambots here.

I knew the email one SHOULD be there though. Ima check for it again now that its been pointed out to me

Oh I see I din’t realize a spolier was a spoiler because of how it was named.

edit: Yep found it. Was hiding in preferences again. I don’t seem to be looking into More… options very well today.

Banned or guest poster accounts from the old website appear as System. This can get confusing if you didn’t see the original post.

potentially, though I don’t think many people without the background to know the old posts are going to find their way to many of them. You almost have to specifically look for the old threads.

Well to me most of it was fairly obvious. I can understand confusion for others however.

It SHOULD be, BUT I’m REEEALLY good at overlooking things I should already know.

How can I get the Certified badge?

This site explains how to get the Certified badge


I guess I was overthinking things. Thanks.

Seems like I’m the very first person to complete the advanced tutorial haha.

It’s actually genuinely helpful, there are really nifty functions on this forum template.

link please. I’m not finding how to get to the tutorial. neither basic nor advanced.

Hmm link into own messages doesn’t work because it considers it “private” apparently even to yourself, or maybe mislinked? Anyways I don’t have the message:


so a direct link would be apreciated.

On top of that I can’t sign into Demo with my account so even if I did it that way I don’t think it would work.

You go to your messages and create a new message. There is no link. Message @discobot. Kevin’s link explained it pretty well, I thought, sorry if I confused ya :smiling_imp:

Discovering the @discobot was a fun way to spend the afternoon@ :smiley:

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.