Contributors page

  1. can you add a contributors page to the wiki? It would be nice for us to see who has done what. Who is working on what. Doesn’t have to stay current. Also, give each developer a space to post a bio if they want. Could post a link to their own webpage, etc…

im having trouble figuring out who does what. its not hugely important, but it adds contexts to peoples post. Im not even sure what the forum name is of our developer. ITs hard to find this stuff. Plus its a small reward for people who contributed to the community. they can have the option to use their real name if they want. Also, locations of where people live would be nice too.

  1. can you add titles to posters? Not sure if this forum supports it. Such as ‘glyphglypth’ webpage owner (or sometihng like that). core developers can get ‘developer’,and anyone who contributes mods/etc, can get ‘modder’, or wiki editor.

the size of the community is growing rapidly. hard to keep track of everyone. Plus it gives people some credit. I guess my title would be ‘pain in the ass’

When you start up the game (cataclysm dda) , there was like “contributors” or whatever thing and if you look at it , it shows you who contributed.

Yes, there is a Credits option, but it doesn’t say who did what. I second youtoo’s idea.

To really know who did what you could check the closed git pull requests:

[quote=“OzoneH3, post:4, topic:2661”]To really know who did what you could check the closed git pull requests:

Not all closed requests were merged in. Besides, the list is long…

I’ve started a wiki page about who did what:

For a list of the core developers and the major active contributors check this link. Although I guess Soron should be replaced now by GalenEvil there.

I posted in the talk page regarding a change of name, but that was before I was aware of this thread. I guess it’ll be better to copy-paste it here to keep the discussion in one place.

Quoting myself:

What about changing “Contributors” to “Developers” instead?

Mainly to both make the purpose of the list clearer and to differentiate it from the wiki contributors. As it is now, I think it leads to unnecessary confusion in the context of the wiki (as contributors is a term used all over the place here to refer to those who contribute to the wiki).

So far I’ve created a Developers page that redirects here, but if you guys agree I can either rename the page (the link) or copy its contents there and redirect this page to that page instead.

99% of them are, and yes there is a lot going on.
Thats why its quite hard to keep track of who did what exactly.

If you really want head-explody levels of fun, check out for a grapical representation for the branching for the project.
For a more productive view of recent development, you can watch
If you want real detail, you’ll need to dig in to the git history, the record of every change to the program is in there, it’s just a bit of work to get it out.

I’ve finally moved (renamed) the Contributors page to Developers, and updated the list as seen here (this list seems to be even more complete). That page lists all the contributors to the CataDDA github, linking to their particular submissions. Have in mind that not all the users share the same username both here and there.

Maintaining the list up to date in the wiki is going to be a PITA in any case, so for any reader FROM THE FUTURE you better just check the linked github page.

who is the kickstarter developer on the forums?

That would be GalenEvil.