Foot pedals and Safe speed

What happens when one takes foot pedals past their top speed? It wouldn’t make sense for them to explode, but I’d assume it’s possible for them to break. However, I’ve been driving my Cyclo-truck far over the save speed for some time now, with no adverse effects. Should I expect any?

Probably not, but Pain and HP damage to legs/torso would be reasonable.

So I figured, but nothing appears to happen.

It would be interesting if for foot-pedal driven vehicles, steering fumbles became harder to correct for. I’m thinking bikes specifically and realize this would be wonk as heck to implement, but it would be neat. There is nothing I fear more than the sudden need to turn during a downhill bike run at 40kmph.

leg/torso pain works quite nicely too. What did you mean by explode? Is that what engines do when pushed too far (literal or figurative)? I could see the foot pedal part taking damage and potentially breaking, to reflect damaging the chain/sprocket likely attached to them. Just no boom XD

Gas engines take damage and eventually Break (no boom) when run over their safe speeds.

Which leads me to a question of my own: do mini-reactors leak radiation when they’re damaged? and when they eventually break, do they cause a nuclear explosion?

yes and no.