Flaming death webs of the spider

So the webs from the Web Weaver mutation, which is great. But one question, I don’t suppose acid rain could destroy webs that are in the open? The town looks like something out of the Pharmacy scene from “The Mist” after looting it. That aside, don’t suppose we can make giant spider silk clothing from giant spider webs? XD …Or is weaving silk from webs too complicated a process?

Since they’re giant spiders and therefore giant webs, it’s actually not that bad an idea…
It’s a fairly involved process, basically there are several steps before you get to “thread”, then it would proceed as usual.

The only problem is it’d be fairly pointless until we have a system that tracks quality of components, right now we’d either have clothes made from spider silk that’s identical to other clothes, or duplicate every. single. piece. of. clothing. and. recipe to be spidersilk specific D:

I guess we could have a hybrid approach, where we plug spidersilk into most recipes, and have a few special recipes that are spidersilk-specific, that wouldn’t be too bad.

I would be totally happy with the webspinner mutation being one you can turn on and off, and maybe balance it by it making you hungry when you use it.

…Well it’d certainly help with the horrible tendency for one strand to catch fire and then end up running and screaming from the fireball chasing me, but then again I don’t exactly see it being a hugely ‘hunger consuming’ mutation, if that makes any sense.

I don’t mean using it would double hunger rate, just that it would increase it somewhat, since spinning large volumes of webs take a lot out of you (ha).

Fair enough, though I suppose part of me will miss having a clear and unforgettable indicator as to where I have and haven’t looted to death. XD Oh well, guess it means extra food consumption… XDD

If you toggled it on to just mark spots on the map, it’d be hardly noticeable.
It’d be just enough to make not having it on all the time worthwhile.

2:12 PM You throw up heavily!
2:11 PM You have died of dehydration.

I managed to cook myself alive while trying to cook up some methacola. Webs are flammable. Need to remember this. XD Also Thermal Dissipation only does so much apparently. XD (According to the log I died with at least 90% of my total power so it wasn’t because the bionic ran out of juice.)

LOL, welcome to meth cooking, glad to hear we’re accurate :slight_smile:
(A house in a neighborhood I used to live in was blown up by meth cookers… three times)