One thing I’ve noticed is that currently brooms/mops don’t do very much. There should be a way to use mops to clean up piles of gore and slime trails, and to use brooms for clearing up spider webs. As it stands there’s no way of clearing spider webs without setting it on fire or just walking into it, and the latter is right out if you have the Web Walker mutation.

On that note, is there a way to have the Web Spinner mutation be activated like a bionic, so you don’t clog up your base with piles of needless webs?

As far as toggling web walker, I said something about that awhile back XD Could end up in at some point, but yeah I’d love some way of manually cleaning up crap around my base. As it stands I have to use the the Debug menu to remove piles of gore from inside.

+1 on this

And I think you can "s"mash spider webs do get rid of them.

You can use mops to clean up liquids, I believe, but bloodsplatters count as ‘fields’ in the code so the mop won’t get them.

A sponge to clean blood off your car would be pretty nice too.

And yes, you can 's’mash webs without having to walk through them. Setting them on fire is cooler, though.

self immolation optional.

It’s planned, just hasn’t been implemented yet.