I am a web weaver and I hate eating raw food

Ever since I became a web weaver, I set myself on fire whenever I want to cook myself some meat. Any suggestions?

Couldn’t this perk be made a positive skill other than passive? I want to decide when I weave web. First I felt like spiderman, before I realize I’m just some sick shitting web wherever I go.

In addition, given the constructive suggestions below, why I will be on fire while cooking whereas cannot light my web on the road up using match?

Hotplates or I think you can stand a tile away from the fire.

Thanks a lot! Standing a tile away worked. Just feel its better if we can control when we weave.

Agreed, especially since once webs hit a density of 3 you can no longer see more then one tile in them. Also if you cook with a fireplace, brazier, or wood stove then it shouldn’t burn up any of your webs so it will be safe to stand next to the fire again.

i’ve never been cursed blessed with webs fortunately but I do hear some of the horror stories. maybe a refinement to it with multiple levels of the mutation?

lvl 1- uncontrollable webs as they are now

lvl 2- select-able with a much more reduced chance to ‘accidentally’ drop webs

lvl 3- virtually controlled. rarely drop a web and can even ‘throw’ webs a short distance.

what do you think?

Add shitting yourself with webs when you get scared, or feel pain.

That’s hilarious. Also, if we could manage to cover the broken windows with our web or shoot our web at zombies! WOW, it will the most interesting perk ever!

I’d suggested this a while ago. Bonus if you can go all Charlotte on the Cataclysm and weave messages.