Item Changing Mechanic for Crafting

So you know how a lightstrip becomes a dead lightstrip (A different item entirely) after it runs out of charges? I was wondering if we could adapt that for (some) crafting recipes.

I mean, there’s no real reason to sit there and wait for wood to burn for charcoal. Make it a “Burning Log (36000)” which turns into charcoal after it runs out of charges. And so on.

The big problem I foresee with this as is.

  1. Burning log is made
  2. Burning log is thrown into water
  3. Burning log continues to burn

Eventually it will be nice to have a fire-and-forget type of crafting where you can start a reaction and then leave, but for the moment I think it’s best not to make workarounds.

And that’s so different from the current “Throw Flaming Bat into water and watch it burn” issue how? :stuck_out_tongue: