Fixing the generator in the LMOE Shelter?

As the title says, I was asking if you can repair the generator located in the LMOE shelter. I spent the last 30 mins looking around the webs and couldn’t see anything about it. I really like to try to find out things on my own if I can’t figure it out in game, but this is just stumping me :drooling_face: This is my best playthrough so far and I would gladly take on 2 Moose to have a working genny in my Epic New Man Cave!! Thanks for any help!

As far as I’m aware/have been told, there is (currently) no way to gain electric power in a building, camp, etc. unless you are using a vehicle - that, sadly, includes the LMOE shelters and their busted generators.

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Well, at least my arms are gonna be Beefy AF from using my hand-crank charger to keep everything powered. Now just to figure out how to change my fridge to battery-operated.

There’s a construction option in * to convert a commercial fridge into a vehicle one. If you construct a vehicle with just a steel frame inside after the conversion, and place it where the fridge was, you could install the fridge onto the frame. Put a storage battery on as well, and you’ve got the ability to run off power. You could put some frames outside and put solar panels or wind turbines on them, and use a heavy duty cable to connect them to the fridge inside as well- or just run the frames from the fridge outside of the building.

If you have aftershock, just realised it was a mod construction.

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I’m thinking about making a vehicle_part generator if I can like an engine but it had a container for fuel, some base building is done through vehicle building

Hmm I wonder if you could add plug extentions like how tow_cable was implemented to allow electricity through or even the hose to allow liquid

You would need and “phase”: electricity through a plug or something similar and “phase”: liquid would allow all liquids through (but only the one connected) a hose

It sounds like you’re looking for a (heavy) jumper cable for electricity transfer, and that does already exist in the base game (0.E2 stable, no mods beyond the two default ones).

Haven’t heard anything about a permanent hose connection, though, but manually moving 60L or so from a collection/transport tank to another once every few months isn’t that cumbersome (I have two fresh water tanks so I won’t have to empty the tank when using a FOODCO kitchen buddy to purify the water, plus a salt water one for processing that requires it).

A “generator” already exists in the cumbersome form of an engine plus an alternator, so a mod part would presumably do the same thing with higher efficiency. However, you’d still have to deal with exhausts.
Drawing electricity to anything not on a vehicle is currently not implemented for the player, but it’s possible to build cooking/freezer/fridge “vehicles” as well a floodlight or aisle light ones (note that water freezes during winter, so any water storage will have to be done in a basement (like an LMOE shelter).

i havent used a jumper cable yet, and have seen this electricity_transfer flag. but yes the jumper cable could be use as the same as how I mean.
Witch would mean there would be no need to yous a vehicle build to make a powered base, you would connect like tow.
and use a hose for a bigger tank attatched to the generator lol.

you need to imagine vehicle building like base building to use these generators, and if you check the code out for the existing generators they arent what they appear, a generator is not an alternator

i have made 4 variants of a generator, 10L 25L both gasoline and diesel

this is true, but its intent that you put the generators in a vehicle/base you would have to build like a vehicle. have you not tried this ?

Yes, I have. My base has a power generation “vehicle” on the roof, currently providing power to a floodlight “vehicle” in the main room and a cooking/crafting “vehicle” in the basement (the power comes from upgraded solar panels, but I’ve though about the possibility to add wind turbines as well).

I suspect, however, that we may discuss this from different perspectives, leading to misunderstanding. I was looking towards the lofty goal of player building electricity, which doesn’t seem trivial to implement.

yeah, sorry. i feel like this could be implemented quight easily. id add a new string "consumes_electricity": yes,

some code to detect if something has powered

and this is how id connect it from storage battery, generator whater
with this step “attach cable” like the recent tow_cable
"id": "cable"
"phase": "electricity", <— if i understand right this allows electricity through biding it has support

i would replecate this with hose as well “attach hose”

i have made this as i can see it working not finished MOD! Base Generators

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I believe some clever people have looked at it and found it hard to do. However, I think that might have involved building wiring into walls (explicitly or implicitly). A more primitive rat’s nest of cables all over the place might be easier, but I haven’t even tried to locate the electricity code (there is battery and UPS power, though, which may or may not be useful).

If your mod turns out to work well it might be a step towards loftier goals.

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id do this with "powered" how ever this would implement id make it have text or some menu to tell you if its powered "disconnected" "connected" that would come with in the second step