Fixing the generator in the LMOE Shelter?

As the title says, I was asking if you can repair the generator located in the LMOE shelter. I spent the last 30 mins looking around the webs and couldn’t see anything about it. I really like to try to find out things on my own if I can’t figure it out in game, but this is just stumping me :drooling_face: This is my best playthrough so far and I would gladly take on 2 Moose to have a working genny in my Epic New Man Cave!! Thanks for any help!

As far as I’m aware/have been told, there is (currently) no way to gain electric power in a building, camp, etc. unless you are using a vehicle - that, sadly, includes the LMOE shelters and their busted generators.

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Well, at least my arms are gonna be Beefy AF from using my hand-crank charger to keep everything powered. Now just to figure out how to change my fridge to battery-operated.

There’s a construction option in * to convert a commercial fridge into a vehicle one. If you construct a vehicle with just a steel frame inside after the conversion, and place it where the fridge was, you could install the fridge onto the frame. Put a storage battery on as well, and you’ve got the ability to run off power. You could put some frames outside and put solar panels or wind turbines on them, and use a heavy duty cable to connect them to the fridge inside as well- or just run the frames from the fridge outside of the building.

If you have aftershock, just realised it was a mod construction.

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