Good starting, need electricity

Now i am a week deep in the game and i have a nice base with tons of clean water and food, plus all the scrap material i found in the nearest town. I found a couple of minifridges and i was asking myself if it was possible building an electric generator in my base to give energy to illumination and refrigeration and fueling it by solar power or gasolin. It is samething implemented in the game? Do you think it can be interesting to someone to be inplemented?

For electricity you can build a “vehicle” with just a an alternator, engine(diesel or gasoline) in the same tile, a battery, a tank and a controls. You then can hook that up with a jumper cable to other vehicles or use it as a crafting stations/generator. You too can use solar panels or the array of solar panels. Illumination is done by installing dome/headlights on this “vehicle”.

You can also make it pedal-powered using a foot crank. It’s also possible, albeit very rare, to find a 7.5kW Generator in garages, which acts like a super-alternator.

yes, about that, where do the item removed from the vehicle go? Because it is not on the ground or in my inventory.

They should be at your feet.
Unless the part is broken (grey color), they will be in pieces after removal.

ok, everything is set up, but i can’t see how to recharge my battey powered tools form the “generator” battery

That takes a bit of setup and electronics skill to do, as vehicle power isn’t compatible with battery powered tools. You need to make or scavenge a UPS recharging station (you can sometimes find them in Humvees), add it to a storage compartment in your vehicle, and then add a UPS upgrade module to each battery powered device that needs charging. Some devices support UPS charging by default, and should say so in their description.

interesting, thanks a lot

Or you can find an RV and modify it, saving lots of troubles. Install a welding rig latter and you can do 90% of your jobs on the car.