Add functionality for the stuff in LMOE shelters

It would be neat if you could repair the generator and plumbing systems in the LMOE shelter. Have a working fridge, stove, lights, and the ability to take a hot shower. Maybe even let us recharge batteries. I imagine the generator runs on gas, so that would need to be scavenged. I imagine repairing it would be easier than converting it into a biodiesel generator.

It would also be neat if they added a wood gasifier to fuel the generator.


Since the closest thing to a power grid right now is the vehicle grid… maybe someone can revise the shelter mapgen and make a vehicle to represent its power grid and everything? Everything you mentioned (except hot showers) is already doable using vehicles. You can have working fridge, stove, lights, water purifier, etc. Broken engines can be mended. There’s no wood gasifier yet though.


It would make the non-vehicle use of those things more discoverable for new players. On the other hand, a proper power grid for map/furniture items is on the drawing board so it might have to be re-revisited again later.
Then again, I don’t know how far off that power grid is, and it might be cool to have vehicle power set up in an LMOE anwyay to show those future new players that it’s still an alternative way to do things.


Proper power grids are being proposed as part of the plan for 0.F release.

With that, establishing a power grid in an LMOE should be piece of cake.