First time modder, I want to make

The M4 Survival Rifle was a gun utilized by the US Armed Forces in WWII, issued to airmen to shoot small game if they were shot down behind enemy lines. It utilized .22 Hornet ammunition in a 4-round box magazine, but for now, we’ll say it’s been rechambered to LR. It’s extremely light (4 pounds) and has a 14-inch barrel, with almost no kick and low sound. However, as with all .22 rifles, it’s basically a pellet gun.

I’d like to see if this gun exists within CDDA already, and if it doesn’t, I would like to create it, as it would serve as an introduction for me into the world of CDDA modding. If it already does, I would like to make the M6 Survival Rifle instead, the successor of the M4, a double-barreled longarm with one barrel chambered in .410 shotshell and the other in .22 LR. Failing that, I’d like to add the 2mm Kolibri pistol, a “women’s self-defense pistol” from Austria-Hungary firing bullets with less kinetic energy than a weak punch, and that’s honestly just because I want someone to actually manage to kill something with such a hilariously underpowered weapon.

There is no such gun in the game, and i think you can add one into the game, as rare gun safe loot or somethings similar. No need to make it as a separate mod

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None of these guns are in the game yet, so go wild! One thing to note is that .22 Hornet (5.6x35.6) is quite a bit larger than .22 LR, so a 5.56x45 conversion for the M4 survival rifle could also be an option. A fun way to implement thus gun would be having it spawn with 20 rounds of ammo in the back of vehicles you’d find in remote areas (trucks, cargo trucks, towing vehicles, and the like). This would be pretty realistic for what the gun was used for and doesn’t provide enough ammunition or firepower to significantly affect game balance.


I’m personally most excited for the Kolibri and the challenge it’ll inevitably inspire. “Can I survive using only the WEAKEST WEAPON?”

Oh, and, for reference, what’s the damage of an average punch in this game? The Kolibri gives about a third as much force, but I don’t know how that translates.

I don’t know the exact number but I’d say the kolibri should cap out at 2-3 dmg, since an 8 strength 0 skill character can usually do around 2-4 per unarmed hit iirc

The answer is “no”
and i mean NO

you’d better to check the exact bullet energy, we have some docs that describe how to get proper damage value for the gun