Premium tier lead feeder or XM214 Microgun

Will be great to have an ability to convert M134s to 5.56 as those CROWS are literally bleeding with .223 and there’s always undead flesh to gladly consume it all.

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Is that a conversion kit that even exists IRL?

Well, actually not, but i guess it will be doable by hand assuming you’ve got the parts (also nice use for tons of M4A1s) and skill. Converted M134 can be, as the original one, mounted only on vehicles and XM214 should be handheld.

Would it really be doable by hand? The timing and machining on those is precise to the existing chambering and tolerances, I’d be highly skeptical that someone could slap a bunch of M4 barrels onto one and call it a day.

Yep, actual feeding mechanism would be a huge pain in the ass especially without heavy machinery. However, the final result should be a somewhat clumsy and unrealiable version just to be here, whereas legit microgun can only be found.

Then you probably won’t see this make it into the core game. The idea of a survivor with hand tools and a bench in a truck making something of that level of precision just wouldn’t fly. Crafting automatic weapons is generally too far, something like a Sten or a Luty style machine gun is the rough upper limit of single survivor firearm engineering. Anything more complex than that, you’ll have to find as is.

Could always just make a mod though, then the rules are whatever you say they are.

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Thanks, I see now.

Also 20 chars limit sounds amazing.