Questions about modding in cdda

Old name : Question about weapon modding in cdda

1 : Is there a way to have a gun in cdda need 2 different magazines and ammo?

Like say… Need mag of 556 that has upto 30 rounds and then a gas canister that has upto 90 loads of gas to fire? Every 30 shots you need to reload, and every 90 you need to double reload with the canister taking longer?

2 : What is the math for weight and size?
Like how do i get the gun i’m making to weigh 4.4 kilograms and take the space of 1.3 meters?

I don’t get it. If you’re using the gas canister as propulsion for the ammunition, why would you be using explosively-propelled normal 5.56 ammo at all?

It’s an example. And I don’t wanna say just what I am working on just yet.

I don’t think there is a way for a gun to have that much ammo…currently

Is it the Blade Runner gun? Because I want it to be the Blade Runner gun.

Sorry. But no, it’s not. Don’t think I ever watched blade runner… Should watch it sometime.

  1. Multiple simultaneous ammo types aren’t currently supported. It’s a feature that’s been asked for, but no one has an implementation.
  2. Specify weight in grams and volume in units of 250 mL, like so:
    "id": "azure_soul_azures_sample_gun",
    "type": "GUN",
    "name": "Big Sample Gun",
    "weight": 4400,
    "volume": 5200

Though a gun that takes up 1.3 cubic meters is huge so maybe you meant something else.

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Not cubic meters. 1.3 meters long…

And this helps alot thank you very much @mlangsdorf

Maybe instead of reloading the gas canister, just have it sit in your inventory in the same way a UPS does, and have it drain from that. Something like that is supported with the current code, right?

And definitely watch Blade Runner 2049. Get your shit together!