Any way to speed up shooting animation?

Currently guns with high burst fire only slowly spit one bullet at a time so a burst of 100 is slow, boring and underwhelming.

Is there any way to speed this up so all the rounds are shot almost at once?

If all guns fire their entire burst within the same IRL timeframe it would nicely visualize intended firerate of the weapon.

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…or freeze the game for a few minutes and leave the player wondering why the game “crashed”, leading to a lot of false bug reports.

I’m not sure how bad it actually would lag the game, but it probably needs a more or less “big” rework to being able to calculate and display it as “one” shot efficiently.

Try disabling animations.

i always have that one off, but the bullets/throwing items/ammo, still ends up looking like a yellow dot. even so in burst mode, so i dont think that is going to work, unless there are two separate options for that that i missed