Crafting ammo reload seems to take a long time

I’ve never really reloaded ammo before so not sure if this is normal. I ran out of 9x19 ammo for my MP5, so decided to craft 30 rounds of FMJ reloads. I noticed a 3X chance of failure without handloading proficiency, so decided I’d craft 1 round at a time to maximize the increase in the proficiency and maybe reduce the material losses if it failed (only reached 1% handloading so meh). I found that each round, taking 2:25 in-game time, takes 50 seconds real time. My system monitor showed 1 CPU running at 100% the whole time. I could hear the computer’s CPU fan kicking on and off with each bullet. That seems like an awful lot of cycles for a 2:25 minute craft.

Is this normal for ammo reloads? Any reason why it would be working that hard?

I’m using experimental, not quite up to date (0.F-4888-g0426c7cb39 [64-bit]) on linux.

My skills were well beyond the range that could benefit from the crafting, only handloading needed to increase, but it did quickly reduce my focus from 100 to 34 during the first few rounds and remained there.

This isn’t an i/o thing. Very few messages.

I had 5 NPCs standing around at the time. A few messages over all rounds that some of them could help with batches. Messages that 1 of the NPCs helped with the crafting, he has a high intelligence so his skills are generally higher than mine, but my skills were plenty high enough and I wasn’t doing batches so not sure what that was about. In fact, the recipe requires fab 3/marks 1. My skills are fab 7/marks 6. The “helping” NPC has fab 8/marks 0, so maybe it should be all me anyway?

Mods loaded:
Dark Days Ahead [dda],
Disable NPC Needs [no_npc_food],
No Fungal Growth [no_fungal_growth],
Bionic Professions [package_bionic_professions]

If you could upload a save, we could profile it and see the cause of the slowdown.

It looks like I can only upload jpg, png and gif files. Is there a way to upload zips here? It’s 15.6 MB.

I’m not sure. You could probably upload it to a bug report on github Issues · CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA · GitHub

OK. Thanks. When I posted last night I was thinking that people would surely have noticed this and already be thinking about it, but now that I’m more awake, I suspect most people would batch craft and maybe not notice the time it takes for single bullet crafting. I’ll update the game and see if moving the NPCs away makes a difference, then give it to them.

A few things that affect crafting speed:

  • Weariness;
  • Hand Encumbrance;
  • Lighting (or lack of thereof);
  • Lack of Skill;
  • Lack of Proficiencies.

I believe that if your hands encumbrance is above … 5 or 6? you start taking penalties for crafting.

I want to say I also think Dexterity also affects it, but I would rather have that confirmed by someone who knows whether this is true or not for sure - i am not confident enough to assert this as a fact.

also do keep in mind that even if you satisfy all the five criteria mentioned above, it is still not guaranteed that the crafting time will drop “a lot”. Some items do really take a long time to craft. I’ve never done any ammo crafting other than arrows and bolts, but I would assume that making bullets isn’t as easy as just sticking powder into a cartridge and sealing it, rinse and repeat. There probably is more to it than just that.